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Lord of the Rings Backgrounds

sharing wallpapers for your desktop

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All Members , Moderated
Please read the rules before you join
There are really not that many

This is a community for the posting of desktop images, backgrounds and (within boundaries) digital art to do with LotR's and it's actors/actresses.

***Please only post teasers (should be about 40% of the images size) or, if you cannot do so, post the large version behind an lj-cut.

***All background posts, etc. must contain an image of an actor or character from any of the three Lord of the Rings movies. Pics from the movies and pics of the boys themselves are both welcome. Most off-topic posts or posts without images (or a link to images) will be deleted at the moderators' discretion. Also, please cut for spoilers (for example for Lost-related Dom pics). NB: questions about how to make backgrounds and do certain techniques will be tolerated, but again within limits... if it's something you've seen within a post/background, please comment on that thread.

*** Flaming is not allowed. If you flame anyone, you'll be banned.

***If you're going to post more than 3 images or if your image is more than 500 pixels wide, please use an lj-cut tag for the wide pic or any others after your first pic. Any 'dodgy' or 'shouldn't-be-viewed-at-work' pics : please put behind an LJ-cut.

Welcome - and have a drool-worthy time


If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to nothing_to_say {AT} livejournal.com.

This is the sister community of ringactor_icons and affiliated with lotrboys_daily.